Allied Health Professionals Webinar Series

In response to demand from Physiotherapists, Podiatrists and other AHPs, BOFAS and AFAP are launching a series of high quality educational webinars. The webinars are free of charge.

Lectures will be delivered by leading foot and ankle surgeons and AHPs with experience of teaching.

We welcome feedback on all aspects of our educational provision. After each webinar you will be sent a brief survey. We take the results of such surveys very seriously and adjust our educational services in response to scores and comments. Recordings of the webinars will be posted for free access. Please note BOFAS owns the copyright to the material contained. Access to the recording is free but permission must be obtained from BOFAS if the material is to be used for any other purposes.


Forthcoming BOFAS-AFAP Webinars:

Chronic Ankle Instability and Rehabiliatation. Noelene Davey, Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner Imperial College London

Podiatry Issues. Details to follow

Vascular Issues. Details to follow


Previous BOFAS-AFAP Webinar Recordings:

Pilon fractures: The Rehabilitation Story  |  Mr Simon Clint, Cheltenham  |  17 August 2020



This programme of lectures has been brought to you by the following team of Surgeons from the BOFAS Education and IT Committees:

Mr Rick Brown, Oxford. Chair, BOFAS Education Committee 

Mr Robert Clayton, Fife. BOFAS Media and Communications Director

Mr Howard Davies, Sheffield. BOFAS Education Committee

Mr Matt Welck, Mr Shelain Patel, Mr Karan Malhotra. Stanmore. BOFAS IT Committee

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