BOFAS Run Courses

BOFAS runs the following courses. These are exclusively designed and run by BOFAS, with the course director appointed by the Education Committee and feedback reviewed by the Committee. 

- UK based BOFAS principles courses

- International BOFAS principles courses

- BOFAS Instructional session at the BOA

- Advanced Fellows forum

- Allied health professionals courses

- Other courses run wholly by BOFAS or in conjunction with other organisations

BOFAS Supported Courses

BOFAS is happy to offer its formal support to other relevant courses. Organisers of courses wishing to gain the society's support are very welcome to contact the Education Committee directly or via

Future Meetings and Courses

This section is for publicising any relevant foot and ankle courses, whether or not formally supported by BOFAS. If you wish to advertise a course here please email BOFAS may have had little or no input into development of these courses and does not vouch for their content. 


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