UK Foot & Ankle COVID-19 National Audit (UK-FALCON)


The UK-FALCON Phase 1 Report is now available here.


The UK-FALCON Audit is being run by the BOFAS Outcomes and Scientific Committees.

As the UK comes out of the first wave of COVID-19, it is imperative we retrospectively review the relationship of COVID-19 with foot and ankle surgery. There is an urgent need to understand the incidence of perioperative symptomatic COVID-19 in patients who have undergone foot and ankle surgery to estimate the possible risk going forward and to plan interventions to limit this risk. Although most surgical interventions have been limited to trauma cases, a look at the UK wide experience will possibly provide us with a demographic similar to our usual patient group. This data will look to inform management and allow more realistic consenting in this turbulent time.


Primary Objective

To determine the percentage of patients receiving foot and ankle surgery in the UK, during the audit period, who were positive for COVID-19, and to audit their 30-day mortality rate.


Inclusion Criteria

All patients undergoing ANY foot and ankle surgery in an operating theatre (whether COVID-19 positive or not)


Study Period

Retrospective Portion (Initial Phase):

The retrospective portion is now concluded and included patients operated between 13th January 2020 and 31st July 2020. Data entry for the retrospective portion of the study closed on 31st July 2020.

Prospective Portion (Second Phase):

The prospective portion will soon conclude and will include patients operated between 1st September 2020 and 30th November 2020. This phase will capture data as units resume elective activity.



Registration for the Audit has now closed


Key Documents

UK-FALCON - Protocol

UK-FALCON - Data Entry Helpsheet (version for Phase 2)

UK-FALCON - Data Entry Video Walkthrough (for Phase 1 - please refer to above for Phase 2 changes)


Please make sure you are using the Phase 2 version of the data entry spreadsheet



For any general queries please contact (please read FAQ above first):

Jo Millard  |


To submit your completed datasheet please email:


Joint Project Leads

Mr Jitendra Mangwani
University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust
BOFAS Scientific Committee & Outcomes Committee
Prof Lyndon Mason
Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, University of Liverpool
BOFAS Outcomes Committee
Mr Karan Malhotra
Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust
BOFAS Outcomes Committee & IT Committee


UK-FALCON Phase 1 Report

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