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UK Based Foot & Ankle Fellowships

Fellowship Name Lead Consultant  Duration Salaried   Next Available Slot Contact
Aintree University Hospital, Liverpool
 Mr Andy Molloy
12 months
Yes Feb 2018
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust Mr Andrew "Fred" Robinson 12 months  Yes Feb 2019
Royal Bournemouth Mr Heath Taylor 12 months  Yes Jan 2019
Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Trust
Mr Ian Sharpe
6-12 months
 Yes Aug 2017

Glasgow Mr C Senthil Kumar 6 months  Yes Feb 2018
Fortius Clinic Sports F & A Fellowship (Chelsea & Westminster) Mr James Calder 6-12 months Yes Jan 2019
Fortius Clinic & Imperial Hospital
Mr P Rosenfeld, Mr Tudur-Jones, Mr Mushtaq
6-12 months
No Aug 2018
Cardiff & Vale Orthopaedic Centre Mr Rhys Thomas 6-12 months Yes Feb 2018
Leicester Foot & Ankle Unit

Miss P Allen,
Mr A Best,
Mr M Bhatia,
Mr J Mangwani

6-12 months
Yes Aug 2016 

Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Oxford Mr Rogers, Sharp, Brown
6-12 months
Yes Aug 2018


Mr Billy Jowett 12 months Yes Jan 2017

Royal Liverpool
Mr Chris Walker
6-12 months
Yes Feb 2017
RNOH Mr Dishan Singh 6 months Yes July 2019
Sheffield Mr Mark Davies & Mr Chris Blundell

12 months

2 posts


April 2018

Surrey Mr Anthony Sakellariou (Frimley) & Mr Matt Solan (Guildford) 12 months Yes July 2017
(formal applications via BMJ/NHS Jobs advertisement)

Torbay & South Devon
Mr James Davis, Mt Tom Ball, Mr Guy Wansbrough
12 months
Yes Aug 2016

Mr Raman Dega

Mr Callum Clark

6 months  Yes October 2019


Wirral University Teaching Hospital Mr Mike Hennessy & Miss G Jackson 12 months Yes
South Manchester

Mr N Kurdy, Mr A Pillai & Ms A Fox 6-12 months Yes Aug 2017
Wrightington Hospital
Mr Robert Smith 6-12 months Yes Aug 2016
Royal Orthopaedic Hospital H Prem,
KP Meda &
J McKenzie 
6-12 months Yes TBC
S Hill, N Makwana, A Bing, C Marquis
12 months  Yes Aug 2016
AOC Bristol (2 Posts) Mr I Winson, Mr B Harries & Mr S Hepple  6-12 months Yes Feb 2018
Gloucestershire Mr S Clint
12 months
 Yes Aug 2018

Guys & St Thomas', London
Mr S Singh, Mr A Abbasian, Mr I Jones 12 months
Yes Aug 2016
Royal Tunbridge Wells Mr J Ritchie, Mr J Forder 6-12 months Yes Jan 2018
Mid Cheshire Mr D Machin  1 year  Yes  Jan 2018


 Overseas Fellowships:
Foot & Ankle Institute, Grenoble, France
Dr Yves Tourné
6 months
Yes Apr 2018

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