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Travelling Fellowship Grants on-line application

BOFAS offers Gold, Silver and Bronze fellowships worth £7500, £5000 and £2500 respectively.

These are intended to fund six to twelve month fellowships in foot and ankle surgery and are available to orthopaedic trainees on recognised training programmes or consultants who are within six months of their CCT date and who are working in the NHS. 

In addition BOFAS offers visiting fellowships of up to £500, also to orthopaedic trainees or new consultants, to support shorter educational trips to centres offering specialist experience in foot and ankle surgery. 

Applications will be scored independently by three members of the Education committee following a pre-determined scoring framework. The fellowships will be awarded in order to the highest ranked applicants. The closing date for applications is the first day of the annual conference and the results will be announced by email the following week.

Applications for all fellowships should be made by completing and submitting the form below. Please specify whether you are applying for a Gold, Silver or Bronze award or a short visiting fellowship. You should to include a letter from the centre(s) you wish to visit, confirming that your visit has been agreed, the experience you will receive, and a timetable for the visit. Please note that retrospective applications will not be considered.

Any queries or questions should be sent to:

The Chair of the BOFAS Education Committee
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Create An Application

You must be in a recognised National Training Number post or within 6 months of CCT award.

Please complete all of the following sections

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List the audits you have been involved with in the last 5 years and the work you did for each.

(In what way do you think this fellowship will contribute to your development as a foot and ankle surgeon)

Training Programme Director

Your Training Programme Director will be contacted for a supporting statement. This is required to process your application

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