Prizes for Presentations at Annual Scientific Meetings:
Abstracts can be viewed here

Edinburgh 2018:


Klenerman Prize –  £1000. Autologous matrix induced chondrogenesis (AMIC) aided reconstruction of osteochondral lesions oft he talus – Five year follow-up. M. Wiewiorski

Other podium prizes 

1. £750. W. Morley. Simulated weight reduction with an anti-gravity treadmill: a pilot study to assess pain reduction in foot & ankle arthritis

2. £500. D Winson. Do rugby boots with a bladed stud increase contact pressures through the fifth metatarsal compared to a round stud?

3. £200. D Keene. Platelet rich plasma for acute Achilles tendon rupture: Results of the PATH-2 study, a double blind multicentre randomised placebo-controlled trial

Judges: Roland Russell, Tim Clough, Dave Townshend, James Ritchie, Raman Dega


1. £250. P DeardenFORfoot: Forefoot offloading shoes vs rigid flat shoes in patients undergoing surgery of the first ray: A randomised controlled trial of clinical and radiological outcomes

2. £150. N Abdul. An investigation of the damage to flexor tendons incurred by different minimally invasive proximal phalangeal closing wedge osteotomy surgical techniques in cadaveric feet

3 £100. T Karim. Clinical and patient reported outcomes following low intensity pulsed ultrasound (Exogen) for established post-traumatic and post-surgical non-union in the foot and ankle. 

Judges: Jit Mangwani, Maneesh Bhatia



Sheffield 2017:

Klenerman Prize – A Miller £1000. Differential gene expression in ankle cartilage chondrocytes compared to knee: might this explain the difference in prevalence of osteoarthritis in these joints and identify a potential treatment target?


Podium presentation winners

1. (£1000, Chang Cheng prize). 

Silastic 1st metatarsal phalangeal joint replacement for the treatment of end stage hallux rigidus: analysis of a consecutive series of 108.  J. Ring1, T. Clough1 . 1Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Hospital Trust, Lancashire, United Kingdom 

2. (£500) 

Posterior malleolar ankle fractures - an effort in improving outcomes. E Swanton, J. Widnall1, J. Redfern1, J. Alsousou1, A. Molloy1,2, L. Mason1,2 . University Hospital Aintree, Liverpool, United Kingdom, 2Liverpool University, Liverpool, United Kingdom.


The Scottish Arthroplasty Project: outcomes of 601 total ankle replacements over a 20 year periodZ. Higgs1, C.S. Osam2, C. Watling2, P.J. Jenkins1, C.S. Kumar1 1Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Department of Orthopaedics, Glasgow, United Kingdom, 2Information Services Division (ISD), NHS National Services Scotland, Edinburgh, United Kingdom 

Judges:            Matt Solan, Roland Russell, Tim Clough, Robert Clayton

Poster presentation winners

1.    L Jayalilaka (£250). Fixation of ankle fractures: a major trauma centre’s experience in improving qualityAintree University Hospital Liverpool

2.    Z Higgs (£150). Partial excision of navicular and extended triple arthrodesis and bone grafting for Muller-Weiss disease. Glasgow Royal Infirmary

3.    B Kapur (£100). Preserving the diabetic foot - outcomes of diabetic foot ulceration and osteomyelitis treated with antibiotic loaded stimulantWirral University Teaching Hospital

Judges:            Dave Townshend, Steve Hepple


Bristol 2016:


1st (£1000) Chang Chen Prize
Functional outcomes of conservatively managed acute tendo Achillis ruptures
J.E. Lawrence1, P. Nasr1, D. Fountain2, L. Berman3, A. Robinson1 
1Addenbrooke's Hospital, Trauma and Orthopaedics, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 2Cambridge University, School for Clinical Medicine, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 3Addenbrooke's Hospital, Clinical Radiology, Cambridge, United Kingdom 

2nd (£500)
Early protected weight-bearing for acute ruptures of the Achilles tendon: do commonly used orthoses produce the required equinus?
P. Ellison1, L.W. Mason1, G. Williams1, A. Molloy1 
1University Hospital Aintree, Liverpool, United Kingdom

3rd (£200)
The influence of gap distance on clinical outcome in acute tendo Achilles rupture treated with accelerated functional rehabilitation
A. Qureshi1, A. Gulati1, A. Shah1, J. Mangwani1 
1University Hospitals of Leicester, Musculoskeletal, Leicester, United Kingdom 


1st (£300)

Medial soft-tissue release for a lateralizing calcaneal osteotomy - a cadaveric study
K.K. Dash
1, I. Stavrakakis2, K. Shah1 
1Golden Jubiee Hospital, Glasgow, United Kingdom, 2Crete General Hospital, Crete, Greece 

2nd (£200)
The role of the virtual fracture clinic in the management of foot and ankle fractures: a review of patient outcomes and satisfaction
D. Hawarden1, M. Boyle1, A. Robinson1, N. Vasukutty1, M. Ballal1, A. Pillai1 
1University Hospital of South Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom

3rd (£100)
Silastic arthroplasty versus 1st metatarsophalangeal joint arthrodesis: a prospective comparative series
S.E. Eastwood1, A. Kingman1, S. Asaad1, J. Coorsh1, R. Kakwani1, A.N. Murty1, D. Townshend1 

1Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Trauma and Orthopaedics, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, United Kingdom


Guildford 2015:

1st (£1000) Chang Chen Prize:
Development of an intraoperative radiographic measure to assess syndesmotic reduction in ankle fractures
C.L. Loizou1, A. Sudlow1, R. Collins1, D. Loveday1, G. Smith1 
1Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital, Trauma & Orthopaedics, Norwich, United Kingdom 

2nd (£500):
Outcomes following surgical excision of interdigital Morton's neuroma: a prospective study
V. Bucknall1, D. Rutherford2, D. Macdonald2, H. Shalaby1, J. McKinley1, S. Breusch1 
1Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, Department of Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 2University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom 

3rd (£200):
Investigating patient reported outcomes and experience for first metatarsal scarf+/- akin osteotomy for hallux-valgus
K. Ahmad1, A. Pillai1, K. Somasundaram1, A. Fox1, N. Kurdy1 
1University Hospital of South Manchester, Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery, Manchester, United Kingdom 

1st (£300):
The effect of active toe movement (AToM) on asymptomatic deep vein thrombosis in patients with acute foot and ankle injury treated with cast - a prospective randomised controlled trial
B. Hickey1, R. Alikhan1, A. Cleves1, N. Pugh1, L. Nokes2, A. Perera1 
1University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, United Kingdom, 2Cardiff University, Cardiff, United Kingdom 

2nd (£200):
Timely recognition and reduction of ankle fracture-dislocation may have an impact on mid-term patient reported outcomes
L. Wicks1, D. Richler-Potts2, A. Bowden2, D. Clarke1, J. Mangwani1 
1University Hospitals of Leicester, Orthopaedics, Leicester, United Kingdom, 2Leicester University, Medical School, Leicester, United Kingdom 

3rd (Cons):
The locked intramedullary fibula nail: a biomechanical cadaveric evaluation

G. Smith1, R. Wallace2, G. Findlater2, T. White3 
1Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals, Trauma and Orthopaedics, Norwich, United Kingdom, 2Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 3Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom 


Brighton 2014:

Podium Presentations The judges were impressed by the breadth and depth of activity but a little disappointed by the scientific standard of the presentations.  It was thus decided not to award the Chang  Cheng this year but to offer first, second and three equal thirds.

1st (£1000):
Forefoot deformity in rheumatoid arthritis – a comparison of shod and non-shod populations.

Lyndon W. Mason

University Hospital Aintree, Foot and Ankle Unit, Liverpool, United Kingdom; Abhishek Hospital, Foot and Ankle Centre, Gujarat, India; Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport, South Wales

2nd (£500):
Minimally invasive calcaneal osteotomy; a safe alternative to open calcaneal osteotomy with fewer complications.

Adrian Kendal 
Oxford University Hospital Trust, Oxford, United Kingdom

3rd (£200): 

Plantar plate imaging – correlating ultrasound arthrography and surgical findings.

Jonathan Viner, East Lancashire Hospitals Trust, Blackburn, UK.

Complication rates amongst 4 surgeons on a consecutive series of 202 total ankle replacements.

Sudheer Akkena, Wrightington Hospital, Wrightington Foot and Ankle Unit, Wigan, United Kingdom


The first 3-years of the national joint registry for ankles: patterns of uptake and compliance, and a comparison with that of hips, knees and shoulders.

Matthew Welck, Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Frimley Park, United Kingdom, West Herts NHS Trust, Watford, United Kingdom, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, UK


Poster Presentations

1st (£0: Consultant)             

Is there a need for prophylactic antibiotics in lesser toe fusion surgery using K-wires? A prospective randomised controlled trial.

Jitendra MangwaniGreat Western Hospital, Swindon, United Kingdom.

2nd (£300):     

Lower limb venous blood flow with ankle joint immobilisation. 

Jonathan D. Craik, Epsom & St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust, Epsom, United Kingdom.


3rd (£200):                      

1ST MTPJ Arthrodesis using dome shaped reamers and low profile dorsal plate. 

Farhan Alvi, Royal Lancaster Infirmary, Trauma and Orthopaedics, Lancaster, United Kingdom


Belfast 2013:

Podium Presentations:

1st Chang Chen Prize (£1500):
A comparison of operative versus non-operative management of displaced intra-articular fractures of the os-calcis.
Ms T L Walker
Royal Bolton Hospital, Bolton, UK

2nd (£750):
Analysis of current venous thromboembolism risk assessment tools in trauma patients treated with cast immobilisation

Mr U Watson

University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, UK

3rd (£500):

Zadek’s calcaneal osteotomy for insertional Achilles pathology
Ms N.K. Kelsall
Royal Bournemouth Hospital, Bournemouth, UK

Poster Presentations:

1st (£500):
The effect of different methods of stability assessment on the rate of fixation in SER2/4 ankle fractures
E.J. Dawe
Frimley Park Hospital, Camberley, UK

2nd (£300):
Fifth metatarsal fractures: is routine follow up necessary?
Ms K.B Ferguson
Glasgow Royal Infirmary, UK 

3rd (£200):
Using service line reporting software to evaluate income and cost of hallux valgus surgery in an NHS Hospital: coding is critical!

Mr M. Karski

Wrightington Hospital, Lancashire, UK


A Molloy, R Russell, W Harries.
Podium: M Solan, M Davies (Sheffield).

Sponsor: DJO.


Newport 2012:

Podium Presentations:

1st Chang Chen Prize (£3000):
Outcomes in total ankle replacement – a meta-analysis and systematic review.
Mr Razi Zaidi
IUCL, Stanmore, UK

2nd  (£1000):
The hallucal metatarso-sesamoid articulation – a three dimensional quantitive analysis.
Mr Bilal Jamal
Glasgow, UK

3rd (£500):
Patient-reported outcomes(MOxFQ) and satisfaction eight years following Hallux valgus surgery.
Mark Rogers
Oxford, UK

Poster Presentations:

1st (£500):
Recreating blast injuries to the foot and ankle complex.
Mr Arul Ramasamy
Imperial College, The Royal British Legion Centre for Blast Injury Studies, London, UK

 2nd (£200):
Outcome of the primary closure of diabetic foot amputations.
Mr Naveed Shaikh
Cambridge, UK


Windsor 2011:

Podium Presentations:

1st Chang Chen Prize (£3000):
The Effect of Lower Limb Cast Immobilisation on Calf Pump Function.
Ben Hickey
University Hospital of Wales

2nd  (£1000):
Rehabilitation Following Total Ankle Replacement – Result of Radomised Control Trial.
Jayasree Ramaskandhan
Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne

3rd (£500):
Saphenous Nerve in Foot and Ankle Surgery.
Daniel Marsland
Royal Surrey Hospital

 Poster Presentations:

1st (£500):
Calcaneal Osteotomy – A Comparison of Different Fixation Methods.
A Abbassian
Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital

2nd (£200):
Return to Training and Playing Following Acute Lisfranc Injury in Elite Professional Soccer and Rugby Players.
Mr Deol
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

3rd (£100):
An Anatomical Study Comparing Two Surgical Approaches for Talonavicular Joint Fusion.
Z Higgs
Glasgow Royal Infirmary


Crewe 2006:

Podium Presentations:

1st Chang Chen Prize (£2000):
Compression staples, compression or distraction.
DJ Farr, A Katrim JD Calder
North Hampshire Hospital, Basingstoke, Hampshire

2nd (£1000):
Controlled differential distraction in resistant relapsed & neglected club-feet.
A Mahendra, UK Jain, K Shah, M Khanna                                                   

3rd (£250):
The efficacy of combined ankle and popliteal blocks in forefoot surgery - A prospective randomised study.
R Samuel, A Sloan, Y Lodhi, M Aglan, A Zubairy  

Poster Presentations:                             

1st (£250):
Outcome measures in foot and ankle surgery, validating walking distances.
H Pullen, V Patil, A Gadgill, I Pallister, P Williams 

2nd (£100): (joint 2nd)
Hallux valgus surgery: common practices in the UK
PKR Mereddy
, S Hakkalamani, MS Hennessy                             

2nd (£100): (joint 2nd)
Do patients with planovalgus feet and midfoot arthritis have hypermobility of the first ray?
S Cowie, S Parsons, BE Scammell  


Oxford 2005:

Podium Presentations:

1st Chang Chen (£2000):
A medium term review of total ankle replacements.
R Ramiah, S Hepple, I Winson  

2nd (£1000):
Comparison of the biomechanical properties of mini compression screws.
C Nguyen, D Singh, M Harrison, G Blunn, I Dudkiewicz 

Poster Presentations:

1st (£200):
The use of dynamic ultrasound in the management of achilles tendon rupture.
R Kotnis, S Ostlere, K Willet   

2nd (£100):
The effect of a primary care musculoskeletal service on foot and ankle care.
P Watmough, N Roberts, R Freeman, J Lishman, J Barrie  

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