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UNIT Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore
DATA COLLECTOR Patient Outcome Data (POD) System - Amplitude Enterprise System
TIME OF COLLECTION initial and at regular follow up until discharge. At 12mnths email sent to patient for outcome
PROCESS DESCRIPTION 3 POD patient advocates that help patient fill out outcome measures in clinic with ipads in
clinic. Patient list on Amplitude with POD page and PROMS already loaded.
1/3 patients fill out PROM data before clinic
BAND 1 data manager for foot and ankle to ensure data being captured (<50% to 100% data
collection rate improvement as a result)
Patients data collected - EQ5D & MOXFQ
Clinicians data collected – Diagnosis & Treatment (and complexity factors)
EVERY new patient to the unit captured ;includes those having surgery and those not having
Project Board and Management Team set up. The Board included the Director of IT, a Senior Project Manager, a patient, and several clinicians. The Project team have then employed 3 POD Patient Advocates who spend their time in out patients (across two sites) and are their to help patients complete PROMs on iPads.

The RNOH Foot & Ankle Unit has employed a Band 1 Data Manager (gap year student) to assist with our compliance, and Audit of our results shows we have gone from (<50% without him to 98% data capture within 6 months).
Patients sent details on POD on initial booking letter

· 1/3 patients fill out PROM data before clinic

· The 2/3rd who do not are approached by POD advocates in clinic to complete.

· Email requested off every patient when we see them

· As patient arrives in clinic the Amplitude clinician page appears as do patient PROMS

· 12 months after initial appointment patients receive email to complete follow up PROMS. If there is a gap of >3 months from initial appointment to surgery – then new PROMS are captured prior to surgery and date of follow up PROMS is recalibrated.