Welcome to the BOFAS Hyperbook


This page is still under active development and more material will be added soon


This is an evidence-based resource for education in foot and ankle surgery. It was developed mainly for orthopaedic trainees but has become a valuable source of information for consultants, other health professionals and the inquisitive public.

Our main goals are:

  • to provide reference material for orthopaedic surgeons and trainees in foot and ankle surgery
  • to clearly explain principles and current concepts
  • to promote evidence-based practice

Much of the original idea and content was provided by Jim Barrie, who has selflessly provided his entire work on which we continue to build. The content is continuously being updated, having had a massive contribution recently to better correlate with the FRCS syllabus.

As much as possible, the material is evidence-based although we accept the global foot & ankle base is of variable quality. The authors have combined this evidence with their personal experience to provide a balanced view of current concepts and treatment principles.

Authors include specialist Consultants, Fellows and Trainees, who have all given their spare time to contribute to the project. 

The Hyperbook is free to access and remains a continuous work in progress. Please feel free to contribute in the form of text, images or ideas, in particular how to make it more interactive.

You are welcome to use its material for presentations or journal clubs etc, provided you acknowledge us as the source.