BOFAS Allied Health Professionals Course

- in collaboration with The Association of Foot & Ankle Physiotherapists & AHPs (AFAP)        


This unique learning opportunity is available only to AFAP members. This course was originally developed to help support BOFAS NHS consultants develop AHP’s working within their F&A team, but the course has now been opened out to all AFAP members. 

This course is aimed at those who want to advance their foot and ankle examination and management skills. This is a core clinical skills course – although some imaging may be shown over the course of the day this is not a radiology course.

The course runs every year, alternating between an introductory beginners and an advanced level (the advanced course is tailored to those who have been specialising within the foot & ankle for more than two years).

Please apply through the AFAP website.


Dates of Upcoming Courses: