BOFAS lectures of distinction

In response to demand from Orthopaedic Surgical Trainees, BOFAS launched a series of high quality educational webinars. These ran weekly and covered the entire foot and ankle content of the FRCS (Tr&Orth) curriculum. Each webinar lasted around an hour, starting with a 30 minute lecture followed by cased based discussions, viva examples and discussions as led by those attending.

Delivery of training by webinars is a new innovation provided by BOFAS in response to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. BOFAS has rapidly created this series in response to a clear need identified by orthopaedic trainees. Lectures of distinction was delivered by leading foot and ankle surgeons with experience of teaching, all of whom have proven their lecturing ability for example on the highly acclaimed BOFAS principles courses.

The current series is now complete and consisted of 28 webinars. The webinars are available on youtbe (links accessible below) for streaming at your convenience. Please note BOFAS owns the copyright to the material contained. Access to the recording is free but permission must be obtained from BOFAS if the material is to be used for any other purposes.

The lecture series was approved for CPD points by the Royal College of Surgeons of England, with 1 point award per lecture when watched live. There are no CPD points available for viewing on youtube.


The current series has concluded, but a further series is planned to commence September 2021. Further details to follow.


What viewers are saying about the lectures of distinction:

"So glad I got to attend this talk, great revision and I learned a lot."
"Clearly loads of work and preparation has gone into this talk with loads of examples and XRs. Really great."
"Great talk and cases. Very focussed on evidence - a must watch."
"Wonderful session, learned some important tips for the upcoming FRCS exam, thanks."
"One of the best presentations, made a complex problem simple and understandable. Makes me want to do foot & ankle!"
"Fantastic overview of the topic and use of frames. The Webinar was very practical which was something I really appreciated."


Previous BOFAS lectures of distinction video files:

Click here for the entire playlist on Youtube:


Lecture 01 - Achilles Tendon  -  Claire Topliss |  Swansea
Lecture 02 - Ankle Fractures - Part 1 - Andy Molloy (Posterior Malleolus) & Lyndon Mason (Syndesmosis Injuries) |  Liverpool
Lecture 03 - Early Ankle Arthritis - Steve Hepple |  Bristol
Lecture 04 - Late Ankle Arthritis - Jim Carmichael |  Peterborough
Lecture 05 - Pilon Fractures and Frames - Simon Clint |  Cheltenham
Lecture 06 - Hindfoot and Midfoot Arthritis - Anna Chapman |  Coventry
Lecture 07 - Pes Cavus - Karan Malhotra (Pathogenesis & Biomechanics) & Matt Welck (Investigations & Treatment) |  Stanmore
Lecture 08 - Crushed Foot - Arul Ramasamy  |  Milton Keynes
Lecture 09 - Midfoot & Forefoot Injuries - Robert Clayton  |  Fife
Lecture 10 - Hallux Rigidus - Tim Clough  |  Wrightington
Lecture 11 - Paediatric Foot Problems - Alpesh Kothari (Congential and the younger child) & Rick Brown (Adolescents & the older child) |  Oxford
Lecture 12 - Pes Planus - Anand Pillai  |  Manchester
Lecture 13 - Ankle Instability - Fraser Harrold  |  Dundee
Lecture 14 - Hallux Valgus - James Ritchie  |  Tunbridge Wells
Lecture 15 - Rheumatoid Foot & Lesser Toes - Andrew Adair  |  Belfast
Lecture 16 - Diabetic Foot Attack - Fred Robinson  |  Cambridge
Lecture 17 - Diabetic Foot - Ulcers & Charcot - Venu Kavarthapu  |  London
Lecture 18 - Infections of the Foot & Ankle - Con Loizou & Mark Rogers  |  Oxford
Lecture 19 - Foot & Ankle Tumours - Maneesh Bhatia  |  Leicester
Lecture 20 - Achilles Tendinopathy - James Stanley  |  York
Lecture 21 - Hindfoot Injuries - Chris Blundell & Mark Davies  |  Sheffield
Lecture 22 - Foot & Ankle Tendon Disorders - Rhys Thomas  |  Wales
Lecture 23 - Heel Pain & Stress Fractures - Pete Rosenfeld  |  London
Lecture 24 - Principles of Orthoses, Prosthesis and Shoe Wear - Hari Prem  |  Birmingham
Lecture 25 - Tendon transfers of the Foot & Ankle - Heath Taylor  |  Bournemouth
Lecture 26 - Ankle Fractures - Part 2 - Callum Clark  |  Windsor
Lecture 27 - Soft Tissue Reconstruction of the Foot & Ankle - Matt Griffiths (Foot) & Adam Sierakowski (Ankle)  |  Chelmsford
Lecture 28 - Amputations of the Foot & Lower Limb - Paul Cooke  |  Oxford



This programme of lectures has been brought to you by the following team of Surgeons from the BOFAS Education and IT Committees:

Mr Rick BROWN, Oxford. Chair, BOFAS Education Committee 

Mr Robert CLAYTON, Fife. BOFAS Media and Communications Director

Mr Karan MALHOTRA, Stanmore. BOFAS IT & Outcomes Committees

Mr Shelain PATEL, Stanmore. BOFAS IT Committee

Mr Matt WELCK, Stanmore. BOFAS IT Committee

Mr Tim WILLIAMS, Colchester. Secretary, BOFAS Education Committee


Mr Yaser GHANI, Foot & Ankle Fellow, London. Trainee representative