Research Strategy for the Scientific Committee

The scientific committee are a group of elected BOFAS members, led by its current chairman Roland Russell, who are enthusiastic, highly motivated and completely committed to the research of foot and ankle disorders.


Our Aim

‘The promotion of high quality research through the society ‘



National collaborations 

This has been evident throughout the last few years with collaborations with the BOA(The James Lind Alliance), national units( Falcon study) and more recently with RCS(eng) for the consideration of future grants.

Global collaborations

Roland Russell, chairman of the scientific committee has led personally on significantly increasing collaborations with international foot and ankle centres of excellence across the world during the last 3 years . This has included:-

Global prize 2019

  • first global research section attended by national winners of South Africa, Australia, Europe and India.

Global Webinar 2020

     -   ‘The international effect of COVID 19 on foot and ankle surgery’

     -    Attended by elite representation from Europe, Canada, USA, Australia, Israel, India, South Africa, Singapore and UK

       -   5 presidents of national foot and ankle societies

Future collaborations with travelling fellowships from international societies to allow members to visit centres of excellence across the globe as a reciprical relationship.


Encouraging research amongst members 

Increased grants 

  • There has been an increased grant available of £15000 for members 


   -     This has been designed to keep members informed of the activities of the scientific committee 

Grant Utilisation Update

    -      This important review of grant utilisation has increased the efficiency of the grants allocated.

National audit

     -        Planned to take place under the  supervision of the scientific committee