BOFAS Equity & Diversity Statement – Our Footprint for Inclusivity


BOFAS is a charitable organisation founded in 1975 by Orthopaedic surgeons with an interest in Foot and Ankle surgery. The mission of the Society is to support the development, research and practice of Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle surgery as a distinct sub-speciality within Orthopaedics.


The society comprises more than 600 members, including Orthopaedic Surgeons of all grades and Associate members who are Allied Health Professionals, including physiotherapists, nurse specialists, podiatrists and orthotists.  Thereby it acts as the central hub for collaboration and innovation in the practice of Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle surgery in the UK, for the benefit of our patients.


BOFAS has a formal commitment to ensure all members feel a sense of belonging and inclusion in our specialist society and insists that all members are treated with equity. Inclusion of all BOFAS members, regardless of race, gender, age or background, is key to harnessing our expertise, experience, and collective knowledge to empower our organisation. We strongly welcome this diversity.

The BOFAS membership is ethnically and racially diverse and a third of our membership are International Medical Graduates. We recognise that more action is required to ensure equality across the subspecialty.  Currently, similar to other surgical specialities, there is an under-representation of women within in our society compared to medical school graduates. BOFAS commits to addressing these imbalances. We will provide opportunities for all members to contribute, share knowledge and support other members of the society to progress, unencumbered by traditional barriers.


BOFAS supports individuals who work in both the British National Health Service and in the Independent Healthcare sector. A high percentage of our membership participates in additional professional activities and may have formal Academic, Research and Management roles. It is anticipated that the work done within the Society to foster equity, diversity and inclusion will translate to improvements in the care provided in all the work places of our membership.