New Consultants Course

We know that this time can be challenging in ways that you might not have imagined, and this course has been designed to support you on your journey and to provide a valuable opportunity for networking with peers and established BOFAS members.

The course itself is deliberately interactive:  there will be no long didactic lectures and there is no traditional faculty/delegate split. Each mini-session of short talks is followed by discussion time, which you will also take turns to chair in order to encourage all of those around the table to contribute. We encourage you to participate and join in the discussion as we are here to talk through your experiences, expectation and concerns about your new life as a Consultant.

The forum faculty are experienced and approachable educators who have participated on other BOFAS courses.

The cadaveric day, will give you an opportunity to learn some tips and tricks from the faculty and consolidate your learning from your time in training and on Fellowship and to perform any procedures which you might not have the opportunity to do regularly. 



Dates of Upcoming Courses:

7th - 8th November 2024 

Coombe Abbey, Warwickshire & West Midlands Surgical Training Centre Coventry.


The programme can be viewed here.

Invitations will be sent out in the spring 2024.