Master Techniques in Foot & Ankle Surgery

During COVID-19 Pandemic, BOFAS needed to keep our members both updated with knowledge and feeling connected. We adopted a series of novel approaches to online education.

Following the success of the inaugural BOFAS Journal Club, the Education Committee and Scientific Committee announced the "Master Techniques" interactive discussion series.

This is the latest innovation in BOFAS online content in which a variety of national and international speakers discuss difficult decision making and operative tips’n’tricks in various aspects of Foot & Ankle Surgery.  Hour long webinars provide a forum for experts to present real world scenarios and to describe the thought process and solutions they have developed.

The Moderators co-ordinate the sessions which are set up to allow plenty of time for discussion and questions from all who attend.

Key Highlights:

  • These sessions are pitched at BOFAS members, but interested fellows and senior trainees are welcome to join in.
  • Invited experts in the field discuss day to day problems and solutions.
  • Each webinar will be one hour long.
  • The co-chairmen facilitate and direct questions submitted from the members.


Forthcoming Master Techniques Sessions


Date:                   TBC
Topic:                  TBC
Speakers:            TBC
Registration:        TBC

Please note that we are moving to a new platform, Medall, for our webinars. You will need to register the first time you use it, but will able to receive your attendance certificates on that platform and use the same registration for any webinar. 



Combined BOFAS & AOFAS Masters Techniques

This series of Master Techniques is presented in association with AOFAS and includes emminent speakers from both the UK and the US. 

Lecture 01 - Biologics in Foot & Ankle  - James Calder (London, UK), Sheldon Lin (Rutgers, NJ, US), Sam Adams (Duke, NC, US), Rod Jacques (Bath, UK)
Lecture 02 - Complex Pilon Fractures  -  John Ketz (Rochester, US), Brian Weatherford (Illinois, US), Lyndon Mason (Liverpool, UK), Chris Blundell (Sheffield, UK)
Lecture 03 - Revision Hallux Valgus Surgery  -  Paul Talusan (Michigan, US), Judith Baumhauer (Rochester, US), Fred Robinson (Cambridge, UK), Hiro Tanaka (Royal Gwent, UK)




Previous Master Techniques Lectures:

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Lecture 01 - Balancing the Total Ankle Replacement  -  Dave Townshend & Andy Goldberg
Lecture 02 - The role of Pronation in Hallux Valgus  -  Scott Ellis & Emilio Wagner
Lecture 03 - Achilles Tendon Ruptures in the Elite Athlete - Tim Clough & James Calder
Lecture 04 - Calcaneal Osteotomy in Achilles Tendinopathy - Kartik Hariharan & Yves Tourné
Lecture 05 - Bunion Surgery - Pascal Rippstein & David Gordon
Lecture 06 - Tarsal Coalitions - Rick Brown & Manuel Monteagudo
Lecture 07 - Talar Osteochondral Lesions - Steve Hepple & Pete Rosenfeld
Lecture 08 - Freiberg's Disease - Mark Davies, Alistair Best & Kailash Devalia
Lecture 09 - Morton's Neuroma - Matt Solan, Andrew Carne & Igor Filipovski
Lecture 10 - Supramalleolar Osteotomies - Chrisitan Plaas & Christina Stukenborg-Colsmann
Lecture 11 - How to deal with Malunion following Ankle Fractures - Prof Stefan Rammelt & Dr Nikolaos Gougoulias
Lecture 12 - Malunion following Ankle & Hindfoot Fractures - Part 2 - Prof Stefan Rammelt & Dr Nikolaos Gougoulias