Becoming a BOFAS Member

Joining the Society

The following categories of membership exist: 
Full member: consultants or equivalent status (subscription £150/year)
Honorary member: a limited number of senior retired foot and ankle surgeons who have made significant contributions to the Society
Associate member: specialist orthopaedic registrars or other non-consultant career grades in orthopaedics (subscription £75/year)
Affiliate member: non-medically qualified practitioners in allied disciplines of the foot OR medically-qualified non-orthopaedic practitioners with a foot interest (subscription £75/year)

Corresponding Member:  new members who are from Overseas and who would qualify for Full, Associate or Affiliate membership and who wish to be acquainted of the Society's activites but do not wish to receive the Journal of the Society. They have no voting rights and membership is subject to regular review by the Council. Overseas is defined as being outwith the United Kingdom. (No fee)

Subscriptions include the European Foot and Ankle Society's journal "Foot and Ankle Surgery". All members are "Society Members" of the European Foot and Ankle Society. Individual membership of EFAS is available

If you would like to join us, you must be proposed and seconded by 2 Full Members. Applications must be submitted online and are considered for election at the next annual general meeting. Applications close 14 days before the Annual General Meeting on the last day of the Annual Scientific Meeting.

Once you have secured your proposer's & seconder's agreement, complete the online Registration Form