BOFAS Journal Club

During this strange year of disruption and uncertainty, BOFAS needs to keep our members both updated with knowledge and feeling connected. We have adopted a series of novel approaches to online education.

EdComm and SciComm will be launching a new joint initiative in April. The concept is a BOFAS Journal Club, to which all Consultant members are invited to discuss academic papers on key subjects in Foot & Ankle. This initiative aims to connect our Consultant members together in a discussion of interesting new and classic academic papers, across the full range of topics in Foot & Ankle Surgery. Every two months, the hour long webinar will present the aims, strengths and weakness of the papers, along with reflections from the senior authors themselves from across the world. The Moderators will co-ordinate live questions and explore how the papers have moved forward our clinical practice.

Key Highlights:

  • This series is aimed at Consultant level.
  • We will invite the key authors, who are leaders in the field from all over the world.
  • Each webinar will be one hour long.
  • The series will be run alternate months starting in April 2021.
  • There will be two co-chairmen, who will facilitate and direct questions submitted from the members. 
  • There will be an over arching theme for each webinar, which will link together two or three papers.  Each paper will need 20 minutes or so for presentation, reflections from the author, questions from members and learning points.


Please note that due to copyright issues, we are unable to distribute the articles to the membership. Kindly request the above articles through your Trust and peruse them prior to the session. 



Forthcoming Journal Clubs


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Previous BOFAS Journal Club Events:

Click here for the entire playlist on Youtube:


Journal Club 06: "Which 1st MTPJ Arthroplasty?"

Click here to watch video    |

Date/Time: Thursday, 21st April 2022
Moderator: Ian Sharpe
Topic: Which 1st MTPJ Arthroplasty?
Invited Senior Authors: Chris Blundell & Tim Clough
Journal Club 05: "Ankle Arthritis"

Click here to watch video    |

Date/Time: Thursday, 20th January 2022
Moderators: Callum Clarke & David Townshend
Topic: Ankle Arthritis
Invited Senior Authors: Ian Winson & Sunil Dhar
Journal Club 04: "Adult Flat Foot"

Click here to watch video    |

Journal Club 03: "Lis Franc Injuries"

Click here to watch video    |

Date/Time: Thursday, 9th September 2021
Moderators: James Ritchie & Togay Koç
Topic: Lis Franc Injuries
Invited Senior Authors: Chris Coetzee & Jit Mangwani
Journal Club 02: "Morton's Neuromata"

Click here to watch video    |

Date/Time: Thursday, 17th June 2021
Moderators: Dave Townshend & Con Loizou
Topic: Controversies with Morton's Neuromata
Invited Senior Authors: Maneesh Bhatia & Mattias Rab
Presented by: Vidhi Adukia, Orthopaedic Registrar, University Hospitals Leicester
Presented by: Adrian Kendall, Foot & Ankle Fellow, Oxford
Journal Club 01: "Advances in Hindfoot deformity"

Click here to watch video    |

Date/Time: Thursday, 22nd April 2021
Moderators: Paul Halliwell & Rajesh Kakwani
Topic: Advances in Hindfoot Deformity Correction
Invited Senior Authors: Paul Cooke & Ian Winson