BOFAS Membership Survey
Karan Malhotra
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BOFAS Membership Survey

Please Complete before 31st March!

Dear BOFAS Member,

We are now entering our 50th year. BOFAS has grown from a handful of  colleagues in a sitting room in 1975 to a vibrant organisation which leads the other sub-specialties in British Orthopaedics. We teach, debate, research, reflect, register and give clinical guidance, both by meeting together and by using  cutting edge technology; all with an annual  budget of over £ half a million.

But where do we go from here? It’ s up to you - the members.


It is time for you to share your views on what we do and what we will do next.


Before 31st March, please spend 15 minutes thoughtfully completing the first even BOFAS Membership Survey:


Thank you for giving your precious time,


Rick Brown, BOFAS President

Mark Davies, BOFAS President-Elect

Jit Mangwani, BOFAS Honorary Secretary

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