BOFAS Approved Foot and Ankle Fellowship Application form

The BOFAS Educational Committee is happy to share the list of available Foot & Ankle Fellowships in the UK which are recognised by BOFAS.

BOFAS follows stringent criteria before recognising each Fellowships. We expect the Fellows receive a broad experience across the different areas of Foot & Ankle Surgery. A BOFAS recognised Fellowship should provide a balance between operative experience and experience of decision making in outpatients with a balance of at least two clinics and three theatre sessions per week. There should be a regular multi-disciplinary team meeting and a session for Research & Audit.

BOFAS Education Committee monitors the standards of these Fellowships by receiving annual feedback from the Fellows. On commencing their Fellowship, all the Fellows are encouraged to register on the BOFAS website so that they are included into the 18-month BOFAS Fellows Programme, which involves an Advanced Fellows Forum, Research Training, a Diabetic Foot Course, and a course designed for New Foot & Ankle Consultants.

We welcome and encourage trainees from across Europe to apply to these BOFAS Recognised Fellowships in the UK directly.