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Outcomes of tenosynovial giant cell tumour of the foot & ankle

J. Barnett, B. Rudran, S. Patel, W. Aston, M. Welck, N. Cullen

1Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Foot & Ankle Unit, London, United Kingdom

Background: Tenosynovial giant cell tumour (TGCT) is a benign proliferative disease affecting synovial membranes. There are two forms, localised and diffuse, which although histologically similar are managed differently. It is locally invasive and is treated in most cases by operative excision. The aim of this study was to assess outcomes from the largest single-centre experience to date in patients with this condition.

Methods: A retrospective analysis of 123 cases was performed in patients treated between 2003 and 2019 with TGCT of the foot and/or ankle. Data was collected on age at presentation, radiological pattern of disease, location of disease, treatment provided and recurrence rates. The minimum follow-up was 2 years with a mean of 7.7 years.

Results: 47 male and 76 female patients with a mean age at diagnosis of 39 (range, 11-76) years were identified. 85 (69.1%) cases were categorised as localised and 38 (30.9%) were diffuse. Half of the cases presented in the ankle (62/123, 50.4%). 89% (110) of patients underwent open operative excision of the lesion. Radiotherapy was used in 2 cases for recurrent disease. Pain was the most common postoperative symptom which developed in 20% (22/110) of cases). 13 cases were managed nonoperatively where symptoms were minimal, with one case requiring surgery at a later date. Disease recurrence was 3.5% (3/85) in localised disease and 36.8% (14/38) in diffuse disease giving an overall recurrence rate of 13.8% (17/123).

Conclusion: The outcomes of TGCT management are dependent on the type of disease, the extent of preoperative erosive changes and the presence of pre-operative pain. We present a summary of recommended management based on the experience from this single tertiary centre.


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